function of committees

each committee participates in a different specialized type of service. the committees are how agss carries out its mission. it would be a lot easier to do service that everyone is capable of to get everyone involved but instead we have opted to attempt to serve in a more efficient way. these are projects with massive potential to impact bryan/college station, but often we do not know how to tackle them as college students. in order to allow the committees to consider taking on virtually any task, each committee leader is required to find an associated professor/or community leader to act as a resource of texas a&m. additionally, each committee is required to have its own mission statement to guide decision and endeavors taken on by the committee. the mission statement of each committee addresses the specific skills or passions that the committee will utilize and broadly how that can improve the community.

agss exists to serve our community in aggieland- although there may be need elsewhere, we refuse to overlook the need that is in our very neighborhood. agss was created in 2018 in response to nearly 20,000 residents of bryan alone below the poverty line, while one of the largest universities and greatest resources of intelligent, passionate young people sat just minutes away. agss is committed to serving outside of the box; this means asking to serve in places where those being served never even thought to ask. aggieland will grow as a result of the selfless service of the members of agss.

our story

the mission and purpose of aggieland growing through selfless service (agss) is to improve the bryan/college station area and the lives of its citizens by taking advantage of the expertise, passion, and all the other resources presented by the institution and students of texas a&m university

our mission statement

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