health committee

committee heads: leezandra aleman & robert brown

The mission of the Health Committee is to utilize the expertise and passion of students that are training to be healthcare professionals to benefit the Bryan/ College Station area. The Health Committee focuses on three main topics: promoting health through education, developing healthy habits, especially for children, and teaching important skills for maintaining healthy lifestyle habits. The health committee is expected to serve the Bryan/ College Station area while focusing on these goals and any other health-driven goals that the members may find important to the community.

community connections committee

committee heads: callie bailey & austin szuja

The mission of Community Connections Committee is to personally connect with the members of the Bryan/College Station community by building relationships and engaging with people of various ages. The focus of the Community Connections Committee is to serve the community through utilizing the people skills of our members. Community Connections seeks to create a tight knit community atmosphere for the members of the community. Community Connections exists because of the idea that there is a correlation between the closeness of the members of a community and the overall well being of a community.

women's outreach committee

committee heads: kristen clayton & mahek kawat

The mission of the Women’s Outreach Committee is to utilize the passion of students for the struggles of women and children in our area into impactful service that improves the lives of our fellow citizens. The vision of the Women's Committee is to support and advocate for women and babies of all walks of life in need in the BCS area. We strive to be impactful through providing resources and building and maintaining relationships with women. Individual people are our top priority and no woman is an inconvenience, we plan to care for and celebrate each woman and her baby's growth, not just the project they happen to be a part of. We will be there for women not only in their time in need, but to be a friend and a role model for those who want it on a personal level.

environmental committee

committee heads: yasmin safian & christian swords

The mission of the Environmental Committee is to improve the environmental conditions of the Bryan-College Station community. The Environmental Committee exists to create a healthier and more beautiful environment for the people of Bryan-College Station.

build committee

committee heads: caroline parker & zechariah simpson

The mission of the Build mCommittee is to improve the physical attributes of our immediate community. The Build Committee exists to touch the lives of the people in the Bryan-College Station area through physical works of kindness.

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